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In 1966, future IMAX filmmaker George Casey traveled to Vietnam to produce his audio documentary VIETNAM - with the American fighting man. Originally pressed and distributed on vinyl record by Documentary Recordings, George's son Ryan Casey has digitally remastered VIETNAM for a first time release on iTunes and Amazon in 2017.


When George Casey's family found the original 1/4" tape reels to VIETNAM - wit the American fighting man, they immediately moved to have them digitized and remastered for a first time digital release.

We worked along side the family and Documentary Recordings to redesign the cover art and marketing materials for both the digital and vinyl reissue of VIETNAM. Our goal was to create a design that referenced the original vinyl record but also to stay true to the design style of the 1960's and 1970's. 

vientam old
george casey
Vietnam War Memorial - Salute
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